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Greater Boston's Priciest Listing Will Blow Your Mind

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It has to. Even in a town of monster mansions, like Brookline, 39 Sears Road is particularly monstrous in both its price and scope.

Take the square footage: 15,453. That includes 23 rooms total; nine bedrooms; 14 bathrooms, including two in the master suite; game rooms; a four-bay garage (detached); museum-quality entertaining rooms, including a music room; an elevator; 10 fireplaces; and a reception hall gilded in gold leaf. Outside there's more than 3.6 acres of lawn and garden as well as lily ponds, a pool and what looks like some sort of boyhood-fantasy fort in the woods. Mind-bogglingly, the Gibson Sotheby's listing passingly mentions that "additional acreage is available."

The estate hit the sales market late last week for a mere $17,000,000, making it far and away Greater Boston's priciest listing (never mind Brookline's, where the closest competition is the 6-BR 125 Rockwood Street, which wants $5,449,000—puh-leeze). And, before you roll your jaded eyes and say that 39 Sears will never get anywhere near that tag, know this, dear reader: It last traded for $18,500,000 in July 2001. Have a nice Monday.
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