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Roxbury Developments; Net-Zero Cambridge; More!

ROXBURY—Two new projects got the city's O.K., including Dudley Crossing, which "calls for the rehabilitation of existing buildings at 375-385 Dudley St. and 200-210 Hampden St. and the construction of two new buildings at 387 Dudley St. and 200 Hampden St. Together the structures will add 42 affordable units to the neighborhood in addition to 3,296-square-feet of ground floor commercial space, according to the BRA." []
CAMBRIDGE—The gloves are off in the debate over a net-zero city: "A Better Cambridge thanks the proponents of the Connolly Petition for challenging our community to take this important look at our carbon footprint in Cambridge. Unfortunately, we believe the proposed zoning takes a far too narrow approach that may effectively stall the very type of development we need to actually reduce emissions while addressing key housing/community development needs here in Cambridge." [A Better Cambridge]
SOUTH BOSTON—Let fly about new lanes: "Residents and commuters in South Boston will come together Tuesday to discuss bike safety in the community and the possibility of bike lanes along West Broadway. Sponsored by Southie Bikes, the neighborhood's cyclist advocacy group, the public meeting will run from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Condon School located at 200 D St." []