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Walmart, Casinos and the City; Hub's Fanciest Dorms

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BOSTON—Here's a thought re: Walmart and the city: "It's too easy to paint the world's biggest retailer as the big bad wolf. You've read the script: It decimates mom-and-pop businesses, underpays workers, and blights communities. It is so evil that, according to a recent Globe survey, more mayoral candidates would rather see a casino in the city limits than a Walmart." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—The region's home, naturally, to some of the nicest dorms on the planet, including Student Villages 1 and 2 at Boston U.: "The North tower houses juniors and seniors in an apartment-style setting; the South tower houses sophomores, juniors, and seniors in a suite (dormitory-style) setting. Features include AC, laundry facilities, bicycle storage, multipurpose rooms, music rooms, and 24-hour security." []