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How to Really Fix the BRA; Dot Landmarks Fight; More!

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BACK BAY—The six-story, nine-apartment building at 125 Newbury Street went under agreement in less than a week with a tag of $9,500,000. [Curbed Boston]
BOSTON—Maybe it's not that the mayor has too much authority over the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Maybe it's that he or she doesn't have enough: "The BRA hasn't received a dime of Boston taxpayers' money in 15 years. Sounds great, right? But someone's got to pay for the agency's $14.5 million annual budget. And that money is coming primarily from the commercial real estate sector, the industry that the BRA is charged with overseeing." [Biz Journal]
DORCHESTER—There's a fight over landmarking the haunted house-looking place at 24 Grampian Way: "The owners of a dilapidated Savin Hill home and a host of local politicians are strongly opposing the designation of the property as an historic landmark. If designated, any future changes to the property and the structures would have to be reviewed by the Boston Landmarks Commission..." But you knew that already. []