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Bacon Truck; Boston's Most Underrated Restaurants; More!

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Hungry for great restaurant news? Here's a taste of Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—A new food truck is coming. It is called The Bacon Truck, it is covered with adorable cartoon bacon characters, and it will serve a bacon-centric menu. You're welcome.
SOMERVILLE—Craigie on Main's Tony Maws is three weeks away from opening his new restaurant, The Kirkland Tap & Trotter. It'll be a little more casual and rustic and at a lower price point than Craigie. Maws walked Eater Boston through the construction site and spilled some details on the project.
HUB-WIDE—Restaurant Week is here, and not everyone is happy about it. If you're the type to avoid it, here are places you can go instead that are either not participating or are offering alternate deals.
HUB-WIDE—What's the most underrated restaurant in Boston? This week's open thread yielded a flood of reader input (and only a tiny bit of bickering). From Troquet to Garden at the Cellar, The Salty Pig to Muqueca, find out what's flying under the radar and add your own input.