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Quick Boston Sales; Mass.' 'Most Controversial Street'; More!

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SOUTH END—'Tis no secret Boston condos go fast nowadays—and often for way over their askings. Take Unit 2 at 608 Tremont Street, which sold for "$65,000 over the $539,000 list price. ... It sold in eight days." [Herald]
UNION SQUARE—It might be hip, but there are people who still don't know where it is: "Boston: Union Square :: Somerville's undiscovered little secret is being discovered." [Zagats]
SOUTH BOSTON—Something happened to Shirley Leung recently: "It was just after 4 p.m. one recent Tuesday, and while others sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I was flying along the bypass road as if on a magic carpet ride, cutting across town from the South Boston Waterfront to South Bay in less than three minutes. I could get used to that, very used to that, which is exactly why the 1.1 mile stretch of asphalt known as the South Boston Bypass Road could soon become the most controversial street in Massachusetts. Actually, it already is." [Globe]