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10 Thoughts on How Big and Tall Boston Should Build

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The proposed apartment tower at 1350 Boylston Street in Fenway has loosed the usual hand-wringing re: development in Boston, even in a Boston desperately in need of new housing. On one side are those who say 195 feet is not that tall for a tower in the city (in most cities); on the other side are those who say it's a gigantic intrusion. We asked for your thoughts.

In no particular order, then, your overall thoughts on the controversy surrounding 1350 Boylston as well as on the ceaseless argument over how big and tall Boston developers should be allowed to build:

· I think the height should be less of a concern as compared to what these developers decide to do with their ground floors. That's what will most greatly influence the every day lives of residents and visitors.
· As for height in general, certain areas/corridors should be re-zoned to allow for more appropriate height. Guess what, folks in Fenway, there are tall buildings on Boylston now. There's a demand for more of everything in that area, and it should keep growing to keep Boston prosperous and increase overall space inventory.
· Boylston Street in Fenway would be a natural extension of the "High Spine" concept already seen further up Boylston Street. Height makes sense there.
· Let's see....Abbey Group is constructing a residential building within spitting distance of this which is 185' in height and across the street The Point will be 270' in height. Hypocrisy here is evident.
· Stop the NIMBY whining, you're holding back everyone else so that you can preserve your favorite little aspects of the neighborhood you're used to.
· Fenway neighborhood activist need to wake up and realize that over the next decade there will be a bunch of skyscrapers under construction (Christian Science) and many others. Quote: what they've proposed is a little over the top... lol 195ft!! Now that's embarrassing being a Boston resident. Like I've said, it's these people that will continue to keep the black cloud over the city.
· As long as there is no imminent danger (being in airspace) then keep it going up. Though its obvious that every so many blocks there needs to be a green space injected.
· I've supported most of these new projects as they have been great proposals. People in our city and the suburbs would rather see jobs go out of state than increase traffic. I moved here 17 yrs ago and it's only here that people look at population increase/newcomers negatively.
· Damn shame! This is why Boston will never be a great city because they allow residents and corrupt city officials to nit pick and block anyone who has vision for something more than mediocrity. "what they proposed is a little over the top." 10 Stories is a Mid-Rise building. You only get 1 shot at this stuff, and why would you build 10 stories when the demand and neighborhood can easily support double that.
· This city NEEDS new, tall (not that 195ft is tall), interesting buildings. This is a CITY! Why are there even zoning laws for a max of 10 stories. That's ridiculous. These people that bitch need to realize that these projects come and when they get shot down, we are stuck with a freaking Burger King on valuable land for another 6 years.

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