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'Moderately Priced' Boutique to Check In Off High Street

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Add another inn to the plethora of hotels going up in Boston: a lower-priced boutique on a sliver of the Financial District (or whatever we're calling it).

The 15-story, 60-room hotel would be at 188 High Street, currently a parking lot across from International Place. Per The Herald, the developer says it will keep the amenities to a minimum at the "moderately priced" hotel: "We're trying to keep the price-point down so business people can use it."

It's an interesting approach, given the recent success of newer higher-priced boutiques like The Revere, where rooms start in the $300s a night or even Chandler Studios on Berkeley Street, where rooms can be had in the $200s. Why not just go for broke and let the market set the prices? Maybe because, as a consultant put it: "You need to have a wide range of housing options for convention-goers. Not everyone can afford to stay at places like the Boston Harbor Hotel and the Four Seasons."

Fair enough. But how about selling the parking spaces instead? Might draw more of a return than a lower-priced boutique over time. We're serious.
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