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South Station Expansion; Greenway Future; T Scofflaws; More!

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DOWNTOWN BOSTON—Mass. Moments reminds us that opposing development in the city goes back a ways: "On this day in 1826, Boston celebrated the grand opening of the Faneuil Hall, commonly known as Quincy Marketplace. Located on the site that had long served as Boston's public market, the three massive buildings dominated the harbor and were hailed as a sign of the city's prosperity and civic pride. Yet only two years earlier, Bostonians had derided Mayor Josiah Quincy's huge construction project — the largest public works project yet undertaken in the new nation — as 'Quincy's Folly.'" [Mass. Moments via The Hub]
HUB-WIDE—T stands for not Taking it anymore: "So far this year, transit police have issued 2,838 citations for fare evasion compared with 3,187 citations through the same period last year, an 11 percent drop. Transit Police said they believe the reduction reflects word circulating among would-be scofflaws about increased vigilance for fare jumpers." [Globe]
BOSTON—Despite its evident success, "many urban planners see the Greenway in its current state as a missed opportunity, a shadow of a world-class park." Residents (and resident-experts) sound off. []
BOSTON—A majority of 1,217 candidates running for mayor sounded off on direct funding of the Greenway and expansion of South Station: "Four candidates said the city should provide direct funding, two said they'd consider it, two said the Greenway is the state's responsibility, and two hedged a bit. All of the candidates were in agreement that the South Boston Postal Annex should be relocated to allow expansion of the rail terminal." [Commonwealth]

Rose Kennedy Greenway

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Faneuil Hall Marketplace

1 Faneuil Hall Square, Boston, MA 02109 617-523-1300