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Big Boston Development Caves to Concerns Over Height

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Also: sun rises. There's been a lively debate of late over how big and tall Boston developers should be allowed to build. The debate had pivoted around 1350 Boylston Street, the Fenway tower daring to try for 195 feet. It might as well pivot now around the Government Center Garage towers proposed near the Greenway downtown.

Recall that developer HYM Investment, the same entity behind Waterside Place in the Seaport, introduced plans in the spring to replace much of the nine-story Government Center Garage with a six-building complex of 771 apartments and condos; a 204-bed hotel; 1,100 parking spaces; and 1.3 million square feet of office space (the number of residences has grown and the numbers of hotel rooms and office square feet have since shrunk). Well! Those plans proved a little too ambitious for local residents and their representatives.

In response now to concerns over the scope of the project, HYM has slashed the heights of two of its towers. Per Casey Ross in The Globe, the office tower will go from 600 feet to 528 feet and the hotel-condo building will drop from 275 feet to 157 feet. The concession should move the project forward faster, with the developer hoping to start construction on a 480-foot residential tower next year. Stay tuned.
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