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No One Likes the Eastie Casino-Resort Deal; More!

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EAST BOSTON—It's not the casino-resort itself that bothers Adrian Walker, per se: "But the process by which we have reached this presumed fait accompli stinks. With virtually no public deliberation, a casino seems headed to East Boston, and only its proponents seem capable of mounting a campaign. This is an absolutely terrible way for government to make decisions, no matter how many parks get refurbished in the process." [Globe]
EAST BOSTON—Jason Schwartz is deeply cynical about voting on the casino-resort deal: "The options, then, are really all in the city's hands. It can decide when to hold the vote. And it can decide who gets to vote, without having to worry about the cost. And if past behavior is any indication, the city will also do anything it can to help pass the vote." [Daily]
BACK BAY—More details about the big pair of towers pitched for Christian Science Plaza: "Traffic patterns around the development will also change as developers plan to extend Clearway Street to Belvidere Street. The high rise's loading docks and parking garage entrance will be located off the extension of the two-way street. A portion of Dalton Street from Belvidere Street to St. Germain Street, where the hotel entrance and valet will be located, will become one-way southbound." []
ROXBURY—Boston's first ultra-energy-efficient homes are here—and pricey: "While the homes cut energy costs over the long run, the upfront price is steep. The units on Highland Street, developed by Urbanica Inc., are selling for $550,000 apiece, with one selling for $217,000 as a below-market affordable unit. The price does not include the cost of the solar energy equipment, which can be purchased for another $50,000 or leased for about $105 a month." [Globe]

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