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FNO Replacement; Allston/Brighton Stores; More!

Let's go shopping with Racked Boston.

BACK BAY—Boston was thrown for a loop when Fashion's Night Out was cancelled for September, but it seems local players here in Boston are pursuing an alternative shopping event next month.
HUB-WIDE—Welcome to Boston, new students! For those who are used to the comforts of home, the concrete cells known as dorm rooms can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but fear not—here are eight items to remedy that, stat.
ALLSTON/BRIGHTON—Think the area is only good for dive bars and cheap eats? Both well-know and off-the-radar stores line the streets of these often paired-up neighborhoods, and we've mapped 10 of them.
DOWNTOWN—Ladies and gents, the votes have been counted and our Hottest Trainer for 2013 has been decided by you, our zealous readers. See who won.