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Everything You Wanted to Know About Renting in the Hub

Stop! If you're about to sign or renew a lease, first read our mammoth, two-part Q-and-A on what to expect (and what you should expect) in the Greater Boston rental racke... er market. It was part of Curbed University earlier this year and it's not boring, we promise.

Here's a taste:

What about a broker?
Up to you. Rental brokers are a different animal than sales brokers. Sales brokers (see our Curbed University lesson on them here) have more demanding expertise when it comes to the local housing market and work with you a lot longer. It can be a much tougher job, in other words. Rental brokers do a volume business. They show lots of apartments to lots of prospects (remember: demand almost always exceeds supply here), and their expertise might come down to being able to unlock a door and name the rent while you gape at the slapdash paint job in the living room.
Note: Some rental brokers do put their shoulders into their work, and really hustle to get their clients the best deal. Many, though, simply show an apartment to one prospective tenant after another until it rents, which usually comes in Minute 3.

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