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Don't Call It a Comeback: 45 Province Drops More Mega-Sales

Time was the 137-unit condo tower at 45 Province Street was a bit of a punching bag: Brokers openly blamed its sluggish sales on the folly of building so regally in Downtown Crossing. That was a couple of years ago (the tower opened in 2009). Things have changed in Downtown Crossing (see: Tower, Millennium).

And those changes have apparently wrought changes at 45 Province. Call it the Millennium Effect—go ahead, we did—a reverberation that has helped move condos in a big, big way. Take the latest sale at 45 Province: $4,100,000 for Unit 2001, a 3-BR, 3-BA, 2,628-square-foot spread, which closed Aug. 20 (its kitchen's pictured above). Or the $3,999,000 deal for Unit 2502, a 3-BR, 3.5-BA, 2,872-square-foot spread, which closed on Aug. 19. Or! The sale of the 2-BR, 2-BA Unit 2802 for $2,199,000, which closed the same day.

Deals like these are not that unfamiliar to 45 Province. The tower saw similarly sized trades in the spring (its 100th sale, recorded back then, was $4,010,000, or $1,285 a square foot, for a 3-BR, 3.5-BA, 3,120-square-foot unit) and toward the summer (a 3-BR, 3-BA went for $3,501,810 after only two days on the market). It's just that the latest seem to have dispelled the notion that 45 Province was a mistake—and that you couldn't pay people to live large in Downtown Crossing.
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