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Deadline to Buy Boston's Graves Lighthouse Extended

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Until the wee small hours of tomorrow morning, in fact. The bidding had stood at $111,000 roughly 24 hours ago, with the feds wanting $10,000 down. The $10,000 down remains.

The price to beat, however, has reached $165,000, prompting the federal government to push the bidding deadline from 9 a.m. today to 2:43 a.m. tomorrow. Whatever it is in the end, the winning tag would garner the 110-year-old, 113-foot working lighthouse, with its kitchen and bedrooms and water cistern—as well as, presumably, tons of storage—and the surrounding 10 rocky acres of Graves Island, oil house included (the government does retain the right to use the fog horn). One catch (besides, you know, the lighthouse catch): The whole shebang's 9 miles off the coast. Good luck.
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