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All-Casino Edition! Menino, Eastie, Everett, Charlestown

BOSTON—Hizzoner does not play dice with the Hub: "Mayor Thomas M. Menino has turned up the heat on Suffolk Downs, pressuring the East Boston racetrack developers to sign a casino deal— even as rivals threaten to leave the Hub out of the running in its bid to host a gambling palace ..." [Herald]
EAST BOSTON—Bill Walczak, one of 923 people running for mayor, has an idea for the area around Suffolk Downs: "'We can built green economy jobs there and open it up for future development for the kinds of businesses that are going into the South Boston Innovation District.'" [Biz Journal]
CHARLESTOWN—Given that a lot of gamblers (sorry, vacationers) would be traveling through the neighborhood: "Charlestown residents have started a petition to designate the neighborhood a host community of a proposed Everett casino resort so residents can have more say in the approval process of the project." []

Suffolk Downs

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