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Now We're Talking Serious Cabbage at the Graves Lighthouse

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The federal government's listing for the Graves Lighthouse Station, which includes the 113-foot lighthouse and the surrounding 10 rocky acres 9 miles off the coast of Boston, leads with this line: "Can you imagine looking out your window 100' above the water and seeing views of the Boston skyline,the coastline of Winthrop and Nahant and, on the other side, the Town of Hull?"

The bidding, which was supposed to wrap two days ago, has been extended until just after 5 a.m. Central Time Thursday morning. Why? Presumably because the bidding for Graves Island and its station is now up to $530,000; and the number of bidders has finally crested the double-digits. As of 8:30 on Monday morning, the bidding had stood at a mere $111,000; by Tuesday morning, it was only $165K. The feds want just $10,000 down, so why are you still reading this? Get!
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