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Private Island Listings; Retro Celebrity Real Estate; More!

Never mind the rain, here's the latest from New England's sunniest blog, Curbed Cape Cod!

BOURNE—Fulfill your private island fantasies in Red Brook Harbor (above). Half of Bassetts Island is on the market, with listings asking $490K to $1.6M.
EAST CHOP—We're making like the First Family and heading to the Vineyard for this week's asking price guessing game. Any idea how much an East Chop Victorian cottage with views of Nantucket Sound might be asking? This way to play!
DENNIS & EDGARTOWN—There's a dearth of celebrity real estate news these days, which means we've got to go retro. Here now, two listings with old time Hollywood connections to Gregory Peck and Jimmy Cagney.
CAPE & ISLANDS—It's Shark Week! A bad time to be a seal, but a good time to check out listings with swimming pools. Yours for $300K to $118M.