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Grant Achatz on Boston's Food Scene; Ribelle Opens; More!

Time for a delicious check-in with Eater Boston.

WASHINGTON SQUARE—Hotly anticipated Ribelle, the new Brookline project from Tim Maslow of Strip-T's, softly opened this week and grandly opens on Monday. A jerk and/or bad joker left a negative comment about Ribelle's "family & friends" night, including a complaint about "weird paper" covering the windows.
HUB-WIDE—Legendary Chicago chef Grant Achatz was in town to film an episode of Simply Ming with Ming Tsai, and Achatz chatted with Eater about the Boston food scene. He was incredulous upon finding out that Boston chefs collaborate and are friendly with each other.
REVERE—Take a brief interlude with this hilarious rap video from the staff at Kelly's Roast Beef. "You know where to find me in the summer, brah."
CAMBRIDGE—Bon Appetit has announced its fifty Best New Restaurant nominees, and two Massachusetts spots made the list, both in Cambridge: Puritan & Co. in Inman Square and West Bridge in Kendall Square. Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine, also made the cut.