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Empirical Proof Cambridge More Interesting Than Boston

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Wikipedia doesn't lie.

Marc Levy at Cambridge Day has the numbers—specifically, the traffic numbers for Wikipedia's pages on Cambridge, Boston and other Hub locales:

[I]n the past 90 days (dating back to May 10) the Cambridge page has been looked at 94,072 times, with a peak of 1,723 views on May 12 and a bottom of 758 on June 13 (discarding an outage that took out data sitewide for all of July 23 and apparently for much of the next day, judging from uniformly truncated figures). Meanwhile, the Boston page got 42,573 views in the past three months, peaking at 627 on May 13 and hitting a bottom of 343 on July 27. That total is less less than half of Cambridge's total in the same period. Boston's Wikipedia page did best those of Somerville, Watertown, et al. And it's important to remember that even the omniscient website admits its users can actively manipulate things. Still... it's gotta hurt. Boston is many times larger and more populous than Cambridge, and has 30 colleges to Cambridge's three. Theories?
· The Data Speak: Way More People Want to Know About Cambridge Than Boston [Day]