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Cambridge Net-Zero Meeting; Boston Composting; More!

BEYOND THE HUB—The MBTA is looking at adding its first stop in the Granite State: "It may not be a midnight train to Georgia, but officials in New Hampshire are looking at the feasibility of extending the MBTA commuter rail to Plaistow, N.H." []
CAMBRIDGE—The group pushing the city's net-zero building petition has invited you and your favorite business owner/executive to a meeting on Aug. 14: "Real estate developers, members and representatives of organized labor, city planners and anyone else interested in the initiative are invited 'to participate in an open discussion about the challenges and opportunities presented by the plan,' said Mike Connolly, whose name is on the net-zero petition introduced in late June." More info through here. [Day]
BOSTON—The city's first public composting program is dropping: "There are composting businesses, like Bootstrap Compost, which has residential and commercial clients, and in the last two years has collected more than 240,000 pounds of food scraps and sent it to fertilize fields, rather than pollute landfills. Our neighbors in Cambridge already have a food scrap drop-off program, but there hasn't been a public program available to Boston-area residents, until now." [Daily]
THE ATLANTIC—The deadline for bidding on the Graves Lighthouse has been pushed back again as the bid to beat reaches $623,888. Stay tuned. [Curbed Boston]