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JP Housing Market; Brookline Biking; Copley Square Hotel

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JAMAICA PLAIN—Above is a breakdown of the neighborhood's real estate market. Hint: There's not as much inventory as there used to be. [Properties in the Hub]
BROOKLINE—Some residents would like to remind local leaders that the sidewalks are for regular walkin', not fancy walkin' and certainly not for bicycles: "Because we want to encourage walking by people of all ages, we want Brookline sidewalks to be safe. We are concerned about injuries pedestrians may suffer if they are hit by a bicycle on a sidewalk." [Tab]
BACK BAY—Here's what the Copley Square Hotel, one of Boston's oldest inns, is worth: "The Hartford real estate investment management firm's purchase of the upscale, 143-room boutique hotel comes six-plus years after CapStar Hotel Co. acquired it for $32.5 million." [Herald]

Copley Square Hotel

47 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116