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Boston's Big Housing Plan Already Getting Big Boost

Mayor Tom "Shovels" Menino has his critics re: his just-delineated plan to create 30,000 housing units in a Boston that desperately needs them (and that he will cease to lead come December). But maybe the whole thing's not so madcap.

The city is already marching toward the magic number through projects up for a vote Thursday before the Boston Redevelopment Authority. These encompass the pair of towers at the Christian Science Plaza, including one 691 feet high (astounding for Boston!) with a hotel and 170 condos; the other would be 285 feet and have 255 apartments. The BRA is also expected to vote on the Bartlett Bus Yard idea for Roxbury, which would transform an old depot into 129 market-rate apartments and nearly 200 affordable ones. All and all, the BRA might O.K. 900 housing units. Just 29,100 to go.
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