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The Replacement for Boston's Former Car-Less Pioneer

Two new Allston developments include a replacement for what was once to be the first car-less new apartment complex in Boston.

Thomas Grillo at the Boston Business Journal runs down the details on each project:

· The Mount Vernon Company, which is behind a lot of Allston's so-called Green District of ruthlessly efficient apartments, wants to build a five-story complex with 87 apartments, including 18 two-bedrooms, at 37-43 North Beacon Street.
· Another developer, Waypoint, wants to put up 80 apartments at 61-83 Braintree Street. While most of those would be studios, there would also be some family-friendly two- and three-bedrooms.

Everything still has to go through the Boston Redevelopment Authority, and, as we know, plans for Allston apartments can change dramatically. Recall that 37 North Beacon was once to be the first car-less Boston apartment complex, with tenants agreeing to not own a car and parking foresworn in favor of more outdoor space. A dispute over the site's ownership—and the region's fealty to the automobile—put the kibosh on the whole thing. Mount Vernon bought the disputed property in July; its project would include 66 parking spaces.
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