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Now It's the North End Losing Its Ethnic Something-Something

Earlier this week it was the news that Chinatown is losing its "China," with all the attendant hand-wringing over what it means not only for affected residents but for Boston as a whole. Fast forward a few days and it's the North End losing its Italian-ness.

Per NorthEndWaterfront: "The Order Sons of Italy, Massachusetts Grand Lodge (OSIAMA), has made a late decision not to march in Boston's North End Columbus Day 2013 Parade. Citing a changing demographic, the Italian-American organization told the North End organizers that it will instead march in the City of Revere this year."

Oh dio. Organizers of the North End's annual Columbus Day shindig pronounce themselves baffled at the move. Said one: "It doesn't make sense. Even with the changes in the neighborhood, this is still Boston's Little Italy." Is it? Your thoughts welcome.
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