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Boston Bike Crackdown; Cambridge Development Pitch

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BROOKLINE/BOSTON—But... but... they always obey the traffic laws, it's the motorists who don't! "Forty cyclists were cited for infractions, including red light violations, illegal turns, and not signaling, when police conducted a bicycle safety and enforcement operation near Commonwealth and Massachusetts avenues. Boston, Brookline, State, Transit and Boston University police staked out the area at 8 a.m. Thursday." []
CAMBRIDGE—Anti-density group the Cambridge Residents Alliance lays out its agenda. For instance: "Regarding Central Square, the next major target of developers, we ask that city officials respect the historic blue-collar and mixed-income character of the surrounding neighborhoods and the strong sense of community developed over many decades. Development should be on a human scale and designed to protect and reinvigorate the economic diversity that made Central Square what it is today." [Day]

Central Square

Central Square, , MA 02139