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Plans for Apartments, Hotel at Boston's City Hall; More!

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DOWNTOWN—It's one way to stand out in a crowded campaign field: "Mayoral candidate state Rep. Martin J. Walsh is pushing a dramatic downtown development plan that would put a new City Hall under private ownership and open up Boston's most coveted site to a hotel, apartments and stores." [Herald]
CAMBRIDGE—Attention, Cantabrigians! Your city is offering free biking classes: "All you have to bring is yourself and a willingness to learn. We'll go over the basics of urban cycling, maintenance and the rules of the road. Choose the courses you'd like to take." [City of Cambridge]
BOSTON—Here's a breakdown of the downtown condo market for the months ending Sept. 16, 2013; Sept. 16, 2012; Sept. 9, 2012; Sept. 18, 2011; Sept. 18, 2010; and Sept. 18, 2009, including the average listing prices for those periods: $1,387,736; $1,293,928; $1,305,230; $1,077,764; $1,087,021. [John A. Keith]

Boston City Hall

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