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Eastie Casino; Boston Landlord Inspections; Silver Line

MISSION HILL—It buckled during a party: "Boston officials said a porch collapse at a Mission Hill house on Friday that injured a dozen people and could result in sanctions against the owner should be a wake-up call to landlords, who face stricter rules in January requiring mandatory inspections." [Globe]
EAST BOSTON—A new poll's out re: the would-be Suffolk Downs casino: "Forty-nine percent of Bostonians favor the project, including 25 percent who say they are strongly in favor. The project does slightly better among likely voters in the Nov. 5 election, with 53 percent in favor. The survey also found 37 percent are against the casino, with 27 percent describing their opposition as strong." [Globe]
EAST BOSTON—Meanwhile, the Suffolk Downs casino continues to play a big, big role in the mayoral race: "Community organizer and activist Bill Walczak—who has seen a surge in fundraising in recent weeks—could break out of the 12-pack of Boston mayoral hopefuls and ride his hallmark anti-casino, pro-?development crusade to a surprise victory in the Sept. 24 preliminary, political observers said..." [Herald]

CHELSEA—It's all well and good the T might extend the Silver Line into Chelsea: "What's less clear is whether an extension of the Silver Line, the T's controversial 'bus rapid transit' service, will be adequate to provoke such a renaissance. As T officials contemplate a northward extension of the line past Logan Airport, the agency should look for ways to improve the speed and usefulness of the Silver Line more generally." [Globe]

Suffolk Downs

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