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Apparent Celtics Fan Chops Beacon Street Manse Big-Time

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The 5,000-square-foot townhouse at 353 Beacon Street hit the sales market in early February for $5,750,000 and with a listing photo to warm any Celtics fan's desperate heart. Its price was promptly chopped a few months later to $5,450,000; and then the listing was removed completely a few days ago.

Now the townhouse is back on, asking $5,200,000 (that's a quarter-mill price-chop and $550K off the original asking for those scoring at home). Everything else is the same: the two kitchens; the two laundries; the two parking spaces; the one private patio; the four bedrooms; the six bathrooms (two partial); the marble floor from 1850. May 353 Beacon now have as much success as the Celtics did last season.
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