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Bode Miller's Ski Lodge; Brad Marchand's Penthouse; More!

BEYOND THE HUB—Making getaway plans for the winter break? "Bode Miller is renting his custom 4-BR, 3-BA home in the tiny White Mountain town of Carroll, N.H., for the tidy sum of $1,100 on Airbnb, or $6,000 for the week." [Curbed Ski]
WATERFRONT—Bruins left wing Brad Marchand bought a penthouse near TD Garden: "The seven-room, 3,500-square-foot condo at 357 Commercial Street on Lincoln Wharf, features a gourmet kitchen and dining room looks that looks out onto a tree-lined, 35-foot deck. The living area is divided into a formal living room and a family room." [Biz Journal]
SOUTH BOSTON—The Boston Redevelopment Authority has O.K.'d the construction of the six-story, 30-unit second phase of the Allele, part of the busy, busy West Broadway corridor. "The first phase, which included the construction of 52 residential units at 150 Dorchester Avenue, was completed in 2008." []

TD Garden

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