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Boston Apt. Registry a Cash Cow; M.I.T. Expansion Input; More!

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DOWNTOWN—Yeah, on second thought, tear it down: "City Hall is so ugly that its insane upside-down wedding-cake columns and windswept plaza distract from the building's true offense. Its great crime isn't being ugly; it's being anti-urban. The building and its plaza keep a crowded city at arm's length. It disperses crowds, instead of gathering them together." [Globe]
BOSTON—The city's making a tidy sum with its new landlord-registration scheme: "[The] 95,000 rental units that have been registered so far have raised $1.5 million, just over the $1.4 million the program is expected to cost." [Herald]
KENDALL SQUARE—Mark Oct. 1 on your calendars: "Whatever comes out of the meeting is likely to have the most impact in Kendall Square, where the Massachusetts Institute of Technology won zoning to remake 26 acres of its campus in April, promising a report back from its Graduate Student Housing Working Group in July – a deadline missed by a wide margin." [Day]

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Boston City Hall

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