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Oh La La! Here's the South End's Chevron

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A year ago this week, 518 Tremont Street, one of the last free-standing retail buildings in the South End (home of the Olde Dutch Cottage Candy & Antiques store), was demolished to make way for a collection of Parisian-style condos known as The Chevron on Tremont. Up top is said Chevron a year on, close to completion.

Above is a sliver of one of the building's 2,500-square-foot, floor-through flats, which have retailed for around $3,100,000 and which have all gone at least under agreement, if not sold completely. Below is a view from the Chevron, courtesy of real estate agent David Bates, who has detailed the Chevron's sales pace.

Update: Actually, the third-floor spread is back on the market for $3,500,000.

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