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75 Pianos Map; Boston City Hall Defense; Projects Going Condo

BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE—Here's a map of where those funky, fine pianos are expected starting tomorrow. []
DOWNTOWN—A defense is mounted for the ugliest municipal seat on Earth: "Bostonians should be proud of their City Hall, a daring departure from the revivalist and neoclassical styles typical of American seats of government. But even those who can never be proud might at least respect the building as a piece of history. Few brutalist structures go up these days, while many are under threat. As they disappear, the remaining incarnations of the form become that much more precious." [WBUR]
BOSTON—Perhaps Lovejoy Wharf's changeover is part of a trend: "As financing for large condo projects is becoming available and the supply of luxury apartments in the downtown is reaching the saturation point, projects proposed for the TD Garden, South Station and Pier 4 could go condo." [Biz Journal]

Pier 4

140 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA

Lovejoy Wharf

131 Beverly Street, Boston, MA

Boston City Hall

1 City Hall Square, , MA 02201 Visit Website