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Developers to Boston Condo Buyers: Be More New York-y!

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For the second time, Boston is confronting the idea of a parking-less residential complex. This go-round it's the residential component of Lovejoy Wharf near TD Garden, where developer Related Beal wants to build 175 condos now (instead of the apartments originally proposed) without... get this... any on-site parking. The reasoning's simple (and not all that surprising from a Manhattan-based developer): There's so much public transit nearby and it's smackdab in one of the nation's most walkable (and bikable) cities that it's sheer madness to follow the Boston regs of at least one parking spot for every two housing units.

Related Beal, the folks who brought you the Clarendon condo and the One Back Bay rental, asked the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Wednesday to please allow them to eliminate the 315-space parking garage in their earlier Lovejoy Wharf plans (the complex will still include a new Converse headquarters and a public park). Let condo owners take the subway or walk or bike or hail a cab—behave like New Yorkers, in other words, they can do it!

Not so fast. These would be luxury condos in downtown Boston, remember. And luxury condos in downtown Boston are expensive and keep getting expensive-er. As one condo owner told The Globe's Casey Ross: "I question whether the people spending that amount of money for condos are going to be the same people jumping on the T." Ouch. Maybe. Plenty of condo owners in Gotham and elsewhere do take public transit or just power-walk to their places of business; that's part of the reason for paying the premium to live in a city's center.

The ball is in Boston's court now re: this proposal. It would be a lot more groundbreaking, if you will, if the BRA did, in fact, O.K. Related Beal's new parking-less scheme. Lovejoy Wharf is more centrally located than 37 North Beacon Street, the Allston address that was to anchor a car-less apartment complex until those plans went poof. Stay tuned.
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Lovejoy Wharf

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131 Beverly Street

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