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Yawkey Way Deal Details; Cambridge Marijuana Spots; More!

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FENWAY—How the sausage got made for the city's deal with the Red Sox: "In the latest agreement, the BRA arrived at a purchase price for the Yawkey Way easement by referencing rental rates for retail space in the Fenway neighborhood, which it said average $60 per square foot annually. The agency deemed a fair rate for the Red Sox to be roughly $20 per square foot, since the club uses the street no more than a third of the time." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—The region is slapping on construction jobs: "The Boston, Cambridge and Quincy metro area has added 8,700 jobs since August 2012, a 16 percent jump that was second only to the 8,900 jobs added in the greater Los Angeles area..." [Herald]
DOWNTOWN—There are also now four Honda hybrids from Zipcar: "The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, which operates the Boston Common Garage, unveiled electric charging stations and reserved parking spaces for hybrid and electric vehicles in the downtown facility." [Globe]
CAMBRIDGE—The city has weeded out other locales: "Cambridge's medical marijuana dispensaries will be either in the Fresh Pond area or NorthPoint in new 'medical marijuana overlay districts,' according to zoning regulations being introduced at Monday's meeting of the City Council." [Day]

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