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Might It Now Be Go-Time for South Station Tower?

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More Boston developers are switching their apartment plans to condo plans, buoyed by a mad-crazy market that sees condos go fast and for a lot more than they're asking. One of those developers might be Houston-based Hines, which has plans to construct a 49-story tower connecting the train and the bus parts of South Station. The 1.87 million-square-foot spire would be mostly office space, but would also include a 190-room hotel and 155 residential units.

Hines' website makes clear that it's up to the invisible hand to decide when everything gets under way: "While market demand will dictate the timing of construction commencement, South Station is destined to become a future landmark in Boston." Well, it looks increasingly like the market has spoken: Thomas Grillo at the Boston Business Journal reports that Hines is, indeed, leaning toward condos (and the developer's site pretty much spells it out as well). Kinda neat, really, especially if you're into trains; it's like the ultimate building amenity, a station right downstairs. Though no casino.
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