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45 Stuart Street, Getting There

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Word dropped toward the start of 2013 that construction was imminent on 45 Stuart Street, the 29-story, 404-unit apartment tower slated to rise next to Jacob Wirth. In fact, developer AvalonBay said that construction was so imminent it might start before April, bringing forth the five-story, glass-curtain wall cloaking the lobby as well as a 198-space parking garage. Well, it's late September now.

As you can see from the above, shot this week, there's a lot of construction work afoot, though it looks like the glass-curtain wall is not a 2013 problem. We've reached out to AvalonBay, maker of the very much underway Avalon Exeter at 77 Exeter Street.
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45 Stuart Street

45 Stuart Street, Boston, MA