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40 Trinity Place Meeting; Beacon Street Conversion; More!

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BACK BAY—The Boston Redevelopment Authority is hosting another public input session re: 40 Trinity Place, it of the 18th-floor lobby: "At a previous public meeting on July 30, area residents expressed concerns about the size of the project, and its impact on wind and traffic. Residents asked that, given the scope of the project and the number of people on vacation during the month of August, that the comment deadline be extended and another public meeting be held to give neighbors more time to study the project." []
MASS.-WIDE—Herewith a roundup of the biggest recent construction projects commonwealth-wide: "The list includes projects by Walsh Brothers, Skanska USA, Gilbane Building Co., Suffolk Construction Co., J.F. White and Consigli." [Biz Journal]
BOSTON—Bostonians, always with the complaints: "Driven by a sharp increase in calls for service made via smartphone, the number of reports to Boston's constituent service program has surged in recent years, rising 35 percent since 2010. ... The rise in reports, climbing from 8,000 when the program debuted in 2008 to more than 150,000 last year, shows that residents are quick to identify problems if they believe the effort will not go to waste, city officials say." [Globe]
BACK BAY—The thetans are gonna be pissed: "The Congress Group has closed on a deal to buy the Church of Scientology's regional headquarters at 448 Beacon St. in Boston's Back Bay for $10.5 million. Dean Stratouly, president of the Boston development company, said he plans to transform the 1889 brick and brownstone four-story mansion into seven luxury condominiums." [Biz Journal]