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Bill de Blasio in Cambridge; Mass. Solar-Panel Demand

CAMBRIDGE—The child is father of the man (who will likely be New York's next mayor): "At an age when many of his peers were sneaking into rock concerts, de Blasio was revamping school disciplinary codes, fielding student grievances, and decrying the unequal treatment of minorities — a younger, floppy-haired version of the candidate he is today." [Globe]
MASS.-WIDE—Classic supply and demand, it looks like: "Solarize Mass, a program that makes solar installation cheaper for individuals by aggregating installations and orders, will give residents in 10 towns — including Brookline, Newton and Medford — another month to sign up for the program. This is the third round of the program, with a fourth set to begin soon, open to communities that choose to join." [Herald]