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What a Redone Marlborough Townhouse Looks Like

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Pretty neat, eh? The 4,954-square-foot building at 315 Marlborough Street traded in December 2012 for $2,750,000. Then it was revamped something fierce to produce the three-wet-barred, private-roof-decked, double-parlored gem you can behold herein.

Doubly lucky for you! The 4-BR, 6-BA townhouse with central air and two deeded parking spaces is freshly on the market. The new kid wants an old-school $5,500,000. Gobsmackingly, this tag does not place 315 Marlborough in the top 10 most expensive single-family listings in Boston right now. It would need to crest $6,250,000 to get there. Tomorrow's the 1st of the month. Did you remember your rent check?
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