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Emerson Nixes Tallish Tower Over Shadow Concerns

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And, like that, it's over. In June, Emerson College announced plans to erect a 280-foot dorm with performance space and a dining hall at 4-6 Boylston Place near the Common.

Now the college has scrapped those plans. The reason? Locals complained to the Boston Redevelopment Authority about the shadows the dorm would cast over the Common. The BRA, remarking that shadows are "something people care and worry about," told Emerson no. Instead, the authority suggested a 171-foot tower. Problem with that, however, is that it doesn't make economic sense for the owners of 4-6 Boylston.

So that's out. Instead, per The Herald's Jordan Graham, Emerson shall construct a 171-foot dorm at 1-3 Boylston Place, a property it already owns (and one currently housing Sweetwater Tavern and the Estate nightclub). It's not what the college wanted—it means nixing the performance space and the dining hall—but it's not likely to cast shadows. And thank God for that.
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