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Would You Pay $10K a Month to Live Just Outside Boston?

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Someone just might. A 4-BR, 3.5-BA spread in Longwood Towers in the Brookline-Boston borderlands has been asking $10,000 a month for about three months now. The apartment seems like a perfectly respectable bet: 2,486 square feet; comes with two valet parking spaces and extra storage; marble bathrooms; all the towers' amenities, like 24-hour concierge. Yet, no takers.

There are other, pricier Brookline rentals right now, though those are all houses and not apartments. Thus, it would appear that this Longwood Towers listing is pushing both the geographic and physical envelop for five-figure rentals far beyond downtown Boston, where such madness is not uncommon.
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Longwood Towers

20 Chapel Street, Brookline, MA 02446