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Hubway Agenda; Northeastern Rents; Millennium Tower; More!

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HUB-WIDE—Above, one of the 75 fabulous pianos slated for our fair streetscapes in the coming weeks. [Panorama; h/t Steve Annear]
BEYOND THE HUB—Are bike-share systems like Hubway just a nefarious plot by the nation's mayors to gentrify their cities? Yes. "While biking still offers great potential as a more sustainable way to get around the city, its embrace by some urban elites raises a number of questions. Is it possible to expand bike infrastructure in a way that doesn't exacerbate income inequality vis-à-vis gentrification, or, better yet, do so in a way that addresses the transit needs of those who have been historically underserved?" [LA Review]
MISSION HILL/FENWAY—John Keith has the back-to-school goods: "Northeastern U Student Housing Impact Study shows negligible effect of undergrads on Mission Hill & Fenway apt prices." [Twitter]
BEYOND THE HUB—An intrepid New York reporter spent a night in one of the micro-apartments pitched for that city. His experience will be ours, dear reader: "The guests departed and it was time for some quality time with the wife. We rolled away the table and down came the Murphy bed from behind the couch. I won't give you the details of the rest of our night, but it's safe to say the Italian-made bed was probably the nicest one we'd ever slept on. But that's just one problem with these Mike-ros. That bed alone cost more than $4,000, not counting the heavenly memory-foam mattress." [Daily News]
DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Mayor Menino defended the tax breaks for the mother of all recent Boston towers, Millennium Tower: "'That's a key development site,' Menino told the Boston Business Journal. 'Just think of the dollars it will bring into the city of Boston: sales tax, meals tax, heads on beds tax, all those taxes.'" [Biz Journal]

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Millennium Tower

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