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Commuter Rail to Fort Point; Boston Condos Flying Off Shelves

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HUB-WIDE—Wowza! Commuter rail could shoot off in all sorts of wacky directions: "According to a map produced by MassDOT as part of the report, the Indigo Line would expand in the next decade and make loops into Fort Point, near the Convention Center, as well as provide trips to Back Bay, and introduce a connector that could swing into Cambridge before making its way to North Station from Allston." [Daily]
BOSTON—The local Realtors association has dropped some market stats, such as: "The median sale price for Boston single-family properties was up almost 18% from last year to $426,750." And: "The days on market in 2012 for Boston condos was 69 – down to 49 in November of 2013." [Charlesgate]