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353 Beacon Bumps Another Six Figures Off Its Asking

The 5,000-square-foot manse at 353 Beacon Street in Back Bay has been with us for ages, at least by Boston housing market standards. In about a month, the 4-BR with two parking spaces and two laundries will clear a full year on the market. During that time it's seen some titanic price-chops, more perhaps than any other comparable property in Boston in the past year.

It hit the sales market in February 2013 for $5,750,000, only to see that tag promptly chopped a quarter-mill a few months later to $5,450,000. The listing disappeared for a while and then reappeared in September with superbroker Tracy Campion for $5,200,000. Now? Staring down its first birthday, the listing for 353 Beacon has cut its price another $250,000 to $4,950,000. Stay tuned.
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