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In Newtonville, Six Chances for Transit-Friendliness

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'Tis no secret that transit-oriented developments are the wave of the Hub's future. Case in point: proposals to redevelop a parking lot on Austin Street in Newtonville near that village's commuter-rail stop. (By the way, have you heard about the plans for commuter rail? Crazy.) Newton is considering six different proposals for the lot, all of them with residential components.

Here they are:
· Seventy-nine condos and three retail spaces in a five-story, 116,000-square-foot complex (rendered above).
· A three-story building with 25 apartments and 5,000 square feet of commercial space.
· A 129,000-square-foot building for 89 apartments and 5,000 square feet of commercial space.
· Thirty-four 2-BRs (very specific!) with 8,000 square feet of retail as well as a 7,000-square-foot open plaza.
· A four-story complex with 80 apartments ranging from studios to 3-BRs.
· A five-story complex, also with 80 apartments, and room for up to six retail units on the ground floor.

All of these pitches pivot around the transit-friendliness of the would-be redevelopment site. As Jonathan Berk puts it: "Making this development even more attractive is that it is a 16 minute commuter-rail ride to Back Bay Station and the heart of Boston's shopping, dining, entertainment and business districts." Indeed. The city's supposed to pick one of the six by March. Stay tuned.
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