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Boston as Casino Neighbor; South End Loft Market; More!

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BOSTON—The request applies to the sites in both Everett and Revere: "Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is asking the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to preserve the city's rights both as a host and as a surrounding community in talks over proposed casino projects in Revere and Everett." []
SOUTH END—Here's some statistical dish on the neighborhood's loft market last year: "Even though there was overall lower inventory than previous years across the condo market, the South End sold more lofts in 2013 than in 2012." [Boston Lofts]
BOSTON—That's if it's really a surplus: "It's going to be an interesting inflection point when the surplus of new apartments being built meets the demand, and the prices either remain constant, or undergo a change depending on vacancy numbers across the city." [Charlesgate]