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First Big Cambridge Close of '14 an Over-Ask on Technicality

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Homes going for more than their asking prices—now there was a Greater Boston trend in 2013! And Cambridge was one of the biggest locales for said trend. Never mind a few thousand over, try six figures. The 3,456-square-foot manse at 28 Buckingham Street in West Cambridge didn't quite make it rain like that, but it did go for more than its asking to become the biggest close in the People's Republic of this young year.

The 4-BR, 3.5-BA Georgian Revival, with three fireplaces, 10-foot ceilings and a two-car garage, dropped back in March 2013 for an even $3,000,000. It then disappeared from the market four months later, only to reappear at $2,795,000, still more than what it last traded for in March 2006: $2,810,000. Well! It closed on Monday for—get this—$2,800,000. So! More than what it was last asking, though still less than what it went for before the Great Recession.
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