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600 Harrison Joining South End's Constructionpalooza

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Never mind the proposal anymore, it's a go: Everyone's favorite rubber stamp, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, green-lighted the ground-up development on an old archdiocese of Boston parking lot at 600 Harrison Avenue.

Six hundred Harrison will unfold over 193,300 square feet, with 160 apartments and 3,600 square feet of ground-floor retail as well as underground parking. It joins other game-change-y numbers in that corner of the South End, including the luxury condo Sepia Boston; the Ink Block, a major residential-retail redevelopment of the old Boston Herald headquarters; and the 602-unit apartment complex at 345 Harrison.

And! Another patch of old ecclesiastical property at 775 Harrison is rumored to be ripe for redevelopment. Definitely time to update our Residential Development Heatmap.
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The Ink Block

Harrison Avenue and Herald Street, boston, Ma

345 Harrison Avenue

345 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA