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All Boston Edition! Most Notorious Landlord, Urban Design

BOSTON—A look at urban design over Hizz-outgoing-oner's 20-year mayoralty: "The best thing Menino did for architecture, the change he deserves to be remembered for, isn't a building or group of buildings. It's the transformation, still in progress, of Boston from a patchwork of semi-isolated neighborhoods into a single whole city. The keys to that change are what I'll call the in-between spaces." [Globe]
ALLSTON/FENWAY—This is not a heartwarming story: "One afternoon in September, I set out to find Anwar Faisal, the most notorious landlord in Boston. Faisal, the owner of Alpha Management, is a major landlord in the Fenway and Allston, catering mostly to students, though if you believe his tenants, there are as many rats under his roofs as undergraduates." [Boston Mag]